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Integrated Coastal Management Areas

TraboccoAbruzzo Regions has been for a long time working on Integrated Coastal Management Areas, according to the ICZM rules. In particular, it has been one of the first regions to benefit of related European financings, with the following projects:
  • R.I.C.A.MA.. (Rationale for Integrated Coastal Management Area) project. has been one of the 35 "cases study" foreseen from "Demonstrative European Program ICZM", launched in the 1995 by UE. It has been inspired from the requirement to face the phenomenon of the erosion of the Abruzzo coasts and, at the same time, to start a correct politics of integrated coast management policy. Moreover, it has concurred to start a relationship between all stakeolders that, with their own activities, influence the development or the degradation of the coastal zones, being involved not only the civil employees and the responsibles of the politics to the various levels of the territory government, but also local populations, NGOs and, above all, the enterprises. After this first, positive experience, the Region has proposed to the C.I.P.E. (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) a paper called: "Gestione integrata dell'area costiera. Piano organico per il rischio delle aree vulnerabili. Fattibilitą degli interventi di difesa e di gestione della fascia litoranea su scala regionale". ( (=Integrated management of the coastal area. Organic plan for the risk of the vulnerable areas. Feasibility of defense measures and management of the coastal strip on regional scale". The study, financed in 2000, has started the collection and the critical reading of the data on Abruzzo coastal strip, realizing a knowledge base of the places that it has concurred to elaborate, through one complex methodology, the so called "Risk Paper about Abruzzo coastal strip", that contains the classification of the entire regional coast according to the different risk values elaborated on the base of an innovative tool especially suited to the Region purposes. Moreover, it has been realized the "Cadastre of the works to sea", the first Italian example of census of the works realized for the protection of coastal areas, that supplies essential information on type, geometry, positioning, realization and state of maintenance of defense works over the coast.
  • SICoRA project ("Informative Support for the management of the Coastal zone of Abruzzo Region") managed by the University of L'Aquila - DISAT - Department of Engineering of the Structures, Waters and Territory. One of its puposes is "to constitute a system of support to decisions (DSS - Decision Support System) that it is constantly operative". The DSS will allow to make operative processes of coastal area management and letting Public Administration supply appropriated answers to variations of the coast line on spatial and temporal variable ranges.
Up to now SICoRA has carried out the following actions:
  • "Paper on the State of the coast", that means to give one vision integrated and evolutionary of various dynamics, evidencing trend - and not in terms of absolute values - through synthetic pointers, defined to the need, regarding environmental, geomorphologic, and socioeconomic aspects, such as others aspect like city planning legislation, fishing and all other stuff involved on the necessity to make decisons;
  • realization, near the "LIAM - Laboratory of Environmental and Marine Hydraulics - of the University of L'Aquila" laboratories, of an experimental tool of coastal dynamics analysis, an instrument to calibrate the so called "TAURUS" numerical model, that supplies a analysing tool of the cross-sectional evolution of a beach subjected to the attack of extreme wave motion;
  • realization of "Territorial Informative System- SIT" for the monitoring of coastal strip, an informative system to manage large amounts of data, distributed on wide geographic areas and able to ensure the indispensable procedures for a concrete and suitable integrated management of the territory. The SIT will be made available on an Internet environment and accessible also to no-specialists.
  • "E.T.I.C.A. - EMAS for Tourism in Internal and Coastal Areas project: integrated management" project, aimed to provide EMAS - Echo Management Audit Scheme certification to the quality of the integrated coasts management systems provided by costal cities of the province of Teramo, which constitute the more important regional tourist basin in Abruzzo.
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