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Campo ImperatoreAbruzzo is the hinge between the Centre and the South of Italy and is generally known either as "The Green Region of Europe" and "The Regions of Parks".
Indeed, it features three National Parks ("Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo", "Parco Nazionale della Majella" e "Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso"), several regional Parks and twenty protected areas, meaning that half of the territory is protected, the highest percentage than any other Region in Europe.
Punta AderciAt the same time, there are the highest peaks of the Apennine Chain ("Corno Grande - Gran Sasso" e "Monte Amaro - Majella"), a rich variety of wildlife and a marvellous 130 km long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.
Abruzzo also represents a strategic node for the Mediterranean that can be easily reached via its many motorways, major rail network, international airport and various ports along the Adriatic Coast.
Abruzzo is a region with a particular vocation for religious, historical and cultural tourism. There are places that represent real strongholds of the Spirit: Hermitages, sanctuaries, ancient churches, renowned abbeys, works of holy art, monuments and constructions that stand out in a natural scenery, inclined to silence and personal reflection.
Due to its history and its specific geographical characteristics, it has preserved much of its territory unchanged. Moreover, along the years, it has successfully combined the protection of its natural heritage and much of its landscape with a thriving socio-economic development.
Abruzzo territory consist of 305 municipalities, most of them being towns of less than 3.000 inhabitants.
Industry is present, with small and medium industries, including major Italian and multinational companies of the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and microelectronics industries. But there is also a widespread network of vibrant, dynamics SMEs all over the Region.
Agriculture, involving small holdings, has succeeded in modernizing and offering high-quality products. The mostly small agricultural holdings produce wine, cereals, potatoes, olives, vegetables, fruit. Traditional products are saffron and liquorices.
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