Initiatives and regional planning

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Energy Regional Plan

The Regional Energy Plan (PER) is the main tool through which the Region programs, directs and harmonises strategic energy interventions in its territory.

Construction and evaluation of wind farms in Abruzzo

The Region approved the guidelines for the installation of wind farm in the regional territory , in line with art. 12 paragraph 10 of Legislative Decree 387/03 and which provide directives for the Environmental Impact Assessment coming from these plants.

Realization of photovoltaic systems

Guidelines for the installation of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems in the Abruzzo Region. These guidelines which, in line with t Legislative Decree 387/2003 and Ministerial Decree of 10.09.2010, represent guidelines for good planning and have been agreed with environmental associations, representatives of plant builders and Parks institutions, to facilitate the authorization process.

The adaptation plan on climate change (PACC Abruzzo project)

Climate change represents one of the greatest challenges that governments, local authorities, international institutions and populations are facing nowadays.

To face this hard challenge, the actions to be taken  count fighting the global temperature increase, adaptation plans that minimize the impacts of climate change and support the resilient capacities of the territories.

The Abruzzo Region is working on the Climate Change Adaptation Plan, on the base of the climate profile of the region, through a participatory process, involving public bodies, companies, citizens and stakeholdes.


The Covenant of mayors

The Abruzzo Region as "Supporting Structure", the 4 Provinces and all 305 Municipalities joined the Covenant of Mayors for the promotion, support and development of energy production from renewable sources, energy saving and sustainable mobility, in accordance with the European Commission's objectives.

The Abruzzo Region, exploiting thr correspondence between the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors and the ERDF ROP funds, Axis II "Energy", made available to local authorities approximately € 35 million for the implementation of the public buildings energy efficiency interventions (mainly schools), for the production of energy from renewable sources and for dissemination in energy field.

The initiative has further developed into , to Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy, thus including the issue of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, whereby the SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans) will be improved into SECAPs (Action Plans for sustainable energy and climate). Energiochi


Energames is the competition developed for ten years by the Abruzzo Region in collaboration with MIUR - Regional School Office for Abruzzo, the Department of Human Sciences of the University of L'Aquila and ENEA (National agency for new technologies, energy and economic sustainable development) addressed to schools of all levels. The main purpose was to make pupils and students aware of the language of energy, virtuous actions and behaviors and aims at the dissemination of good practices in school on energy sustainability. The competition also received the nomination in 2012 for the Sustainable Energy Europe Award, thanks to the high value in sustainable education on energy issues and its replicability in other Italian and European regions, as well as an acknowledgment of the commitment of the Abruzzo Region and of all pupils and teachers of schools.