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Araen implements and promotes a constant exchange of information with the European Community countries and the international community, through bilateral collaborations, participation in European Community co-financed  projects and initiatives related to energy and sustainable development.

Assembly of European Regions

AER is the Assembly of European Regions, represent more than 270 regions belonging to 33 countries and 16 international organizations. The objective of the AER is to promote innovation, growth and work in European regions, to ensure sustainable development and to fight against environmental degradation, to create a safe environment for citizens, to promote the modernization and internationalization of regional governance. AER is also the voice members also within the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as a permanent forum for interregional cooperation.

This mission is also carried out through three commissions:

  • Economy and regional development,
  • Social Policies and Public Health (Social policies, equal opportunities, demography, public health and emergency plans),
  • Culture, Education and Youth

Currently the Abruzzo Region, in the person of Ministry Nicola Campitelli, holds the position of VicePresident of the Commission 1 for the economy and regional development in charge for cohesion policy, economic development, in particular SME support, innovation and research, climate change, energy, transport and rural development


Fedarene is the European Federation of Energy and Environmental Agencies and Regions, promotes the exchange of experiences and the development of transnational projects. Through its events and networking activities, Fedarene brings together organizations from all over Europe to share know-how, develop European projects and replicate successful initiatives and also acts as a link between local / regional authorities and European institutions.

Fedarene acts as a network not only for its members but also for all the stakeholders involved in the energy transition: public authorities, non-governmental organizations, citizens, small and medium-sized enterprises and financial institutions.

Fedarene is is one of the founding partners and part of the consortium that manages the initiative of the European Commission of for climate and energy.


Renael is the Italian Network of Local Energy Agencies , with the aim of promoting contacts and collaborations with other national institutions, to encourage the exchange of experiences and good practices. Renale enhances the role of the Agencies and local Authorities,  the participation of all stakeholders, institutional and non-institutional, operating at community, national and local level, in energy management.

Renael also organizes courses and training activities in order to increase the level of competence in energy fiels, promotes and disseminates the results of scientific research, promotes studies, projects and activities aimed at saving energy, rational use of energy, use of renewable sources,access to national and community funding.


Under2Coalition is the first global coalition of states, regions and cities committed in fighting against the climate change and in the CO2 reduction, according also the 2015 Paris Agreement. Under2Coalition is the largest global coalition and brings together 42 European regions, for a total of 220 regions and subnational bodies from 6 continents.

Signatories commit to keeping global temperature rises to well below 2°C with efforts to reach 1.5°C. Twelve states and regions in the coalition have committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

Under2Coalition intends to provide technical support and resources to support governments to develop long-term emission reduction plans, to share innovation and technological and political best practices to get a zero emission economy, to encourage state and regional governments to make their climate goals more ambitious.