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Innovation Communication Technology



The main priority for the period 2007-2013 is the full covering of the territory by the board band, reduction of the digital divide, in terms of infrastructures, services, contents following a complete removal of the barriers of mid and long time.


Segmentation of the territory by percentage of population and areas covered, as well as level of competitiveness of the services provider; classification of the territory by board band available and relative fast; classification of the regional are by type of digital divide. Building and Improvement of the Net Infrastructures: Fibres, Hiperlan, Wifi; Wimax, VOIP; Development of all Services, not already existing, concerning the citizens' life and enterprises' cycles.


  • Extension of the back-haul network through the optic fibres;
  • Negotiation with the private operator to fast the full covering of the territory through the ADSL2+.



The research areas regard the development of the of following fields
  • Connectivity;
  • advanced eGovernment services;
  • eHealt and telemedicine;
  • eLearning and life long learning;
  • Protection and safeguard of the territory.

Policies and Strategies

The Framework Programme of the regional Policy for the development of the Board Band is the Computing Plan. The focus objective of this Paper was to define the base line of indication (population and areas covered, level of competitiveness of the services provider; board band available and relative fast; type of digital divide) in order to permit the extension and the reinforcement of the board band connectivity across all the territory, by market segment. In particular the objective of the regional policy is to reduce, and progressively eliminate, the digital divide belong to the infrastructures taking into particular account the disadvantaged and marginal areas.
In this sense it has been defined the goals of innovation technology and services targeting private and public bodies; it has been identify the governance for the way to invest and the management of the asset, which could be carry out by the Region; it has been fixed the financial condition to consent an added achievement of the board band "the universal good".
By the way of the up mentioned objectives, both by the supply and demand sides, Abruzzo region aims to:
  • Close in short time the digital divide of first generation, making available to all the areas the base services -4 Mbps- through the technology with easy implementation and investing by the way of the technology more adapted to the market conditions.
  • Accelerate the diffusion of the board band of second 2(0 Mbps), closing definitively the digital (100% of the population) before the 2013.

Modality of Intervention

  • Carrying out of a wireless access network. In close cooperation together with the project, on progress, for the connectivity of the PA.
  • Supporting of the WiMax Operators to cover the residual digital divide.
  • Application of the Scottish model, giving financial contribution to the operators who will operate in condition of market failure.


  • e-Health
  • e-Learning
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