Dissemination and training

Ultimo aggiornamento: 26 Maggio 2020

The Agency implements the following promotion and information activities:

  • awareness and information campaigns for citizens, public administrators, entrepreneurs, stakeholders;
  • organization of seminars, conferences, study days, workshops;
  • development of specific and thematic reports;
  • development of 'good practice' manuals addressed to users;

ARAEN also provides assistance on:

  • promoting innovative energy projects through the Agency's information network;
  • support requests at European, national, regional or local level for financing innovative energy projects;
  • support to consumers, companies, local authorities to improve the energy efficiency in residential and productive buildings

To pursue the objective of technical-scientific updating as well as to support the activities, agreements or conventions are foreseen with University Institutes, Research Institutes and regional structures operating in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development.

In particular, memorandum of understanding are foreseen with universities to develop the knowledge of renewable energy sources and to test pilot project. The collaboration will also aim to introduce new teaching disciplines in the context of university courses and addressed to new professional figures skilled in energy and sustainable development.