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There is a rate of 6.2% of unemployment but it is decreasing in part thanks to the programm "Work in Abruzzo" that was elaborated in 2010:


The Regional Council, with Deliberation 25-01-2010 n. 26, has approved the program named "Work in Abruzzo" using the reaming financial resources related to ROP Abruzzo Ob. 3 - ESF 2000-2006 which aims to:
  • Invest in the human capital,
  • Promote the entrepreneurial character, with the improvement of job places,
  • Realize a durable development and a social-economic cohesion.

Financial scheme and procedures

In particular three main incentives categories are foreseen:
  • Category nr. 1 - Incentive for the employment of persons unemployed and/or job-seekers with a paid employment contract ex art. 2094 c.c. or a permanent contract (also part-time, on condition that it is no less than 24 hours per week)
  • Category nr. 2 - Incentive for the employment of persons with a contract of apprenticeship training ex art. 49, D.Lgs., nr. 276/03 and L.R., nr. 30/09;
  • Category n. 3 - Incentives for modification from flexible work contracts to permanent ones as ordered art. 2094 c.c.
Within the limit of available resources as follows:
  • For Category nr. 1 an incentive of 12.000,00 Euros for each engaged worker;
  • For Category n. 2 an incentive of 8.0000,00 Euros for each engaged apprentice;
  • For Category nr. 3 an incentive of 10.000,00 Euros for each adapted worker.
For Category nr. 1 and 3 the incentive is increased by 25% in case of disabled, women, adult under 30 years old, people aged over 50, or persons belonging to groups with social exclusion (such as exdrug addicts, ex-prisoners, ex-alcoholics, etc..)
For Category n. 2 the incentive is increased by 25% in case of disabled, women, persons belonging to groups with social exclusion (such as ex- drug addicts, ex-prisoners, ex-alcoholics, etc..)
  • All employers who submit the application have to undertake themselves to not dismiss the involved worker during the first 24 months after the hiring /modification as a consequence the collection of the whole allocated amount, unless there is the case in which the worker discharge himself during the second working year and it demonstrates that the worker already has a job with a permanent contract by some other employer/ enterprises. In this case the amount will be corrected concerning the real registration of the contract;
  • After the allocation of these incentives, the work place of all created contracts has to be located inside the territory of region Abruzzo.
  • The incentive can't be over an amount of 500.000,00 Euros for each employer.
  • Programme overall financial budget is 20.000.000,00 Euros.
  • For each of the 4 Provinces of Abruzzo it has been assigned an amount of 5.000.000 Euros and it has been allocated on the basis of the employment operated in the work places, placed in each Province.
The employers who could make the application had to comply to the following rules:
  • Must have legal and operational office, or only the operational office, in the territory of Region Abruzzo.
  • The applications have been evaluated according to the "a sportello" (one-stop procedure) from which D.Lgs., 31-03-1998, nr. 123.
  • The applications have been transmitted by Registered post, from 8.00 of seventeenth day after publication on BURA (Official Bulletin of Region Abruzzo) (12th April 2010) and within ten days from the launching of one-spot procedure.


Over 2.600 enterprises
Founded 962
1762 employees
  • 1.000 stable contracts
  • 300 apprenticeship training
  • 400 modification from flexible work contracts to permanent

More information

For more information it is possible to consult the call
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